By far one of my favorite places in all of Europe. It’s like being in a simpler time and place. I drove from Germany to Romania. There are no highways past Budapest and I drove on rural roads the rest of the way. Once in Romania, I past horse driven buggies, entire families out stacking hay, and breathtaking scenery. My objective for this trip was to spend a week mountain biking in Transylvania, the Carpathian Mountains.
I’ve got videos from each day of my trip:

Day 1: Zarnesti
Day 4: Azuga Ridge part 1
Day 4: Azuga Ridge part 2

Horse driven buggies are everywhere


Families stacking hay

Plenty of brothy soups

Black bear cub


Black bears


Plenty of fresh water streams


Bran Castle



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The Earth is my playground and my goal is to explore its entirety. If I could, I would spend all day outside. My lifestyle revolves around living healthy and being fit. This is my adventure blog

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