This is my favorite Texas mountain biking trail system. A little Moab in Texas. The difficult loops are very cool with big granite rocks that you have to negotiate up, across and down. This 60 mile trail system was completed in 2010 by the Austin Ridge Riders. When I moved back to Texas, this was my inaugural ride and the only bike I brought on the plane was a hardtail which was a big mistake. I’ve since been back several times with a fully which makes a world of difference. I usually ride the race loop with the “extra credits” (which consist of the Upper, Inner, and Reveille Peak loops). I suggest this route to intermediate to advance riders as includes the hardest single trails in this trail system. This route is also really easy to remember by just following the race track and the “extra credit” trails when you see the signs for them. This way you won’t get lost. The flow trail, super d, and Epic are also great singletrack trails. Only half the trails at RPR are singletrack (all the ones I mentioned). The rest are jeep roads. There is also a high school race loop and many beginner trails which makes RPR a great place for the whole family. The cost of admission is $10 and another $10 for camping.


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The Earth is my playground and my goal is to explore its entirety. If I could, I would spend all day outside. My lifestyle revolves around living healthy and being fit. This is my adventure blog

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