Finale Ligure is awesome! Then again I say that about every place.  I get super excited about places and nature.  I love the Earth and this wonderful playground that God gave us.  Finale sits where the Maritime Alps meets the Mediterranean Sea.  The ocean, cliffs, and mountains.  What else can a girl ask for? Oh yeah, beautiful weather and sunshine! And women that can ride! I had my first female guide ever! She rocked! She’s downhiller which was way too gnarly for me but I admire that.  I had to admit that I brought the wrong bike to Finale.  Mountain bike trail ratings are not standard across Europe.  This has been a chronic problem for me.  When I was in Leemoors, Austria, the guide described the trails as freeride but there were tons of climbing!  I brought a Pivot Mach 4 with a 100mm fork to Finale.  That was my mistake.  Elica Ride was basically a shuttle service.  My group met up at the Finale train station at 9am.  We were chauffeured around in a Landrover Defender with bike trailer.  We didn’t ride a single uphill.  The guide claimed that she hated riding uphills.  We rode these gnarly downhills all day long. I would describe the trails as red downhill runs not freeride.  In my group was the guide, myself, and 2 other chics. It was refreshing riding with women who had the ovaries to ride technical trails!  Myself and another girl had all mountain bikes (about 4″ of travel), other girl had a freeride bike (7″), the guide had like a 9″ travel bike!  There were also dudes with us.  Most of them had 10″ or more.  It was like a big travel bike feast.  At the end of the day, I was pretty beat up from my lack of suspension.  A downhill bike is not necessary but I would bring a 6″-7″ travel bike.  Next trip, I’ll just carry like 4 bikes!  That way I’ll be able to tackle any terrain.  Overall the terrain in Finale is challenging.  All the trails are 100% natural, technical, rocky singletrack that wind down the mountainsides.  Finale is probably not suited for beginners.  There’s also plenty to do in Finale.  It’s an old beach town with narrow alleyways .  There’s the beach and the ocean.  There were plenty of people sailing or laying by the beach.  The area has a lot of cliffs for rock climbing.  I saw plenty of road cyclist and flyers for canyoning.


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The Earth is my playground and my goal is to explore its entirety. If I could, I would spend all day outside. My lifestyle revolves around living healthy and being fit. This is my adventure blog

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