I never believed in riding a lift until I went to Porte Du Soleil.  Why waste 3 hours of your day climbing on boring jeep roads / fire road?  The vast range of lifts in this area take you to the vast amount of single track scattered throughout this France and Switzerland ridge line.  And the single track is sweet.  I hired a guide from http://www.synergie-vtt.fr/ out of Morzine and I specifically asked for an all mountain tour.  An all mountain was exactly what I got!  I’ve learned from my few short months living in Europe not to ask for a XC tour.  You’ll get a technically uneventful trail as wide as 4 push strollers!  If you’re a fairly component rider, ask for the all mountain or free ride tour (most free ride trails are fast descending twisty single tracks with a few bumps).  The words XC are synonymous for “lets climb for 4 hours on a boring fire road, i’m scared of anything technical, and let’s not ride any singletrack (or singletrail as it is called in some countries).”  Outside of the riding, Morzine is a fun town with lots of bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, and Brits!   Beware that Morzine is also known as Manzine.  I didn’t see many women there.  Also beware that Morzine is EXPENSIVE!  I’m attaching some pictures.  Enjoy!  

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