Here’s a review of some trails in the Bavaria area. Ochsenkopf aka Bullhead Mountain is the central point of all the trails.  It is the trailhead of the one shared downhill/freeride route which is approximately 2km long. It is accessible through the lift right next to the bullhead house (name of a pension). The physical address is Fleckl 13, 95485 Warmensteinach.

You can buy a wander karte (hiking map) which will show you the trails around the area. The singletrack go on for miles and the hikers are real friendly which is rare in Germany.  I asked the owner of the bullhead house who showed me a nice all day route which took me approximately 4 hours. Get a map!!! You will get lost without one

Recommended Route:
downhill/freeride route is pretty easy to find once you hop off the lift.

XC: Head towards Ochsenkopf which is bullhead mountain. You can take the lift to the top of it. Or ride up the lift trail marked with a square which is white on top and blue on the bottom. I took the trail marked with a blue dot which was right in the backyard of the bullhead house. Once i got to the sign for Steinachquelle, I headed left and up a jeep trail to Ochsenkopf. I then headed east on the blue M trail towards WeiBmainquelle. Stay on the blue M trail past Karches. There’s a nice restaurant there where you can stop and take a break. Cross the road and stay on the blue dot trail which turns right. then take a left on the Frankischer Gebirgsweg all the way to Schneeberg. Come down Schneeberg using the H trail all the way to Fichtelberg. This is where all the technical singletracks at. You can take another break at the Seehaus which has a nice restaurant. Once in Fichtelberg, you’ll have to cross the lake and go through the town towards the west edge of town. Once on the west edge, get on the blue cross trail. This will take you back to Fleckl right next to the bullhead house.

There are so many other possibilities other than the one I named above.

Enjoy the pictures. 


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